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Clogged Drains

Backups are any clogged drain that would require a snake, hydro-jetting or pipe removal to be repaired, cleared or otherwise back in normal working conditions. Tips you can try to avoid backups are; not flushing wipes, paper towels and other solid materials not meant for the sewer. Cooking grease, paint and other “liquid” materials that are hazardous and belong in a “waste yard” should also be avoided. Be aware of what your kids are putting in drains. Children typically get curious and flush little dolls, toy cars, rubber duckies and much more.

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Hydro-Jetting is a method used by our technicians to clean clogged or slow sewage lines. A blast of water at high pressure is sent into the lines that will usually remove blockages and build up. With our incredibly low Hydro-Jetting prices, you will be thankful you made your appointment today. Our service experts have been trained to efficiently clean your sewer drains, while promoting excellent customer service. We call this a win-win scenario for us and for you, we like to see smiling faces at the end of the day.

Water Heater Repair

Most of us take hot water for granted, but having no hot water is an unpleasant experience for any homeowner. Most of us don’t even think about our water heater until there is a problem. Before you start to panic, remember YY Service is here to help! Call our office to learn more about our water heater services.


Sewer Line Repair

YY Service offers complete water and sewer line repair and replacement services. Call us today to get an estimate for your project.

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