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Septic Tank Pumping

The expert technicians at YY Service specialize in residential and commercial septic tank pumping, holding tanks, package treatment plants, manholes, pump stations, RV holding tanks and a variety of other liquid waste materials.

Septic System Repair

We will repair any septic system problem, on anything from a traditional septic system to an alternative treatment system.

Sewer Camera

Our service technicians are trained on the most up-to-date techniques for a complete inspection of your residential or commercial sewer lines.

Sewer Line Repair

YY Services is Southwest Virginia's choice for all complete water and sewer line repair and replacement services.


Terralift is a patented system that represents a technological breakthrough in soil restoration. It solves a number of problems with your septic system – including compaction, saturation and improper drainage almost immediately. YY Service will rejuvenate your septic system without disturbing the topsoil.

Excavation Services

YY Service provides a full range of excavation services for sewer and water line installations and repairs.

Demolition Services

Our demolition teams will remove structural debris to assist with your septic system installation or repairs.

Sewer Camera

New Septic Installation