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Excellent Company!  Very efficient and dependable.  I highly recommend YY Service for your plumbing needs.  They are also very personable.  Couldn't brag about them enough.
Lela McCracken - Coeburn, VA


YY Service recently came to our rescue when our very old sewer line began to collapse.  They were able to show us the collapsing pipe prior to excavation by using an in-line camera.  However, what might have been a fairly straightforward job was complicated by the addition over the years of two brick and mortar sidewalks and a brick porch which had been built over the old sewer line. (Naturally!!)  Needless to say, we were very unhappy at the prospect of having the brick walks and porch removed, even in part.  After much careful thought and surveying of the yard and the plumbing under the house, YY was able to reroute the sewage lines away from the sidewalks, porch and a beloved old shrub planted by Diane’s parents years ago.  In the process, YY also replaced some antique iron plumbing under the house and discovered and repaired a barely connected shower drain that had been leaking for years.

We were very pleased and impressed with how Wayne and his crew worked out the solution to rerouting the sewage line, the hours they put in on the project and the care they took to regrade our front yard.  They were professional, polite and friendly and went out of their way to keep our house, basement and yard clean as they worked.  If you have a plumbing problem or simply need plumbing installation, we highly recommend YY Service.
Mike & Diane Abbott - Big Stone Gap, VA


YY Service first performed work for us on a rental property unit owned by us.  We found their service to be prompt, efficient, and cost effective and their employees pleasant to work with.  Later we experienced an issue with a septic system at my wife’s home place.  The system had been installed on a house constructed in the late 1940s.  YY Service responded quickly and assessed the issue.  They were able to get the system functioning quickly, however, due to the age of the system and some deterioration they recommended additional work as a more permanent fix.  We elected to go with the more permanent fix based on previous dealings with YY Service.  They performed excavation work with both cases and left our property in prestige condition upon completion.  We have found the work of YY Service excellent, proficient and with reasonable pricing.  We highly recommend YY Service with confidence of quality work without anticipation of complications after they have completed their service.
Lloyd Robinette - Big Stone Gap, VA


I was new to the state and the Wise area - took on relocating from PA.  Our new home needed a lot of work and I was lost in finding help.  This place (although I love it) is a combo of the Money Pit and Baby Boom homes.

YY Service was a Godsend.  I originally called them for the septic tank.  Had no idea if it had ever been emptied or where it was even located.  They were great on the phone.  Assured me they would be able to locate it and help me.  They arrived on the day and time they stated.  They DID locate it (and that alone was no easy feat).  It was never emptied before, so I was really glad they were there.  It was filled to the brim!   They explained how to care for a septic system, how often it should be emptied, etc.

A while later, the water company came to tell me I had a severe water leak.  Oh good.  I got on the phone immediately and called YY Service again.  No hesitation.  They had earned my trust.  They came out and proved exactly why.

It took some time, but they checked item by item until they found the exact problem.  Horribly, they had to crawl/squeeze under the house (getting covered in mud/dirt) to locate the large broken, gushing pipe.  They did with no hesitation.  No wonder I was using over 12,000 gallons a month.

OK - now they needed a game plan and worked with me to come up with the most effective and economical solution.  We discussed kitchen floor removal (ahhhh), portion of a wall removal (still an ahhh) and they finally came up with a way to be able to do it by working in the muck in the cramped tiny space under the house.

They fixed it!!  However (remember Money Pit and Baby Boom?), as soon as full water was restored, all the old pipes in the house could not handle the pressure and started popping/cracking and spraying water.  Some of you may remember the TV show Green Acres.  My pipes were held together with pot holders, duct tape, pantyhose and … a bra.  Also, the majority of the pipes were not actually pipe material.  So, this was not a big surprise.

One thing you need to know about YY Service.  When they arrive to do your job, they will finish your job.  They will be back until it is done.  This is important.  They will not take another job in the middle of yours.

So, all the pipes had to be replaced inside the house too.  The work, time needed, and cost are all discussed ahead of time and agreed upon.

They did an excellent job in a very efficient way.  I now have no fears about my plumbing, my bills are normal and I have peace of mind.

YY Service is professional, friendly, knowledgeable, dependable.  You feel at ease with them.  You can rely on their work. You can trust them and that says a lot.  If there is an area of work they don't do, they can refer you to a reliable company in that line of work.

I am so very grateful for YY Service.  They have become more than just a company to call.
Ginny Moyer - Pound, VA